Friday, 29 August 2014

Experienced FIX Engineer, Montreal, Canada

Role Summary
Experienced FIX Engineer with proven track record in Client FIX Connectivity support for Cash Equities/Futures and Options.
The role includes:
·         Problem management
·         Implementation of new client connections
·         Implementation of new vendor systems
·         Certification and Testing of client and vendor systems
·         Day to day system management

Problem Management
·         Provide first line support of FIX environment
·         Be the first point of contact for clients with regard to IT issues
·         Take ownership of issues and liaise with other teams as appropriate: IT Support; development; external vendors; trading desks; clients IT
·         Provide clear and concise communication to clients and internal business groups to ensure all parties are informed
·         Develop an in depth understanding of the key system dependencies for end to end client order flow including booking
·         Ensure all problems are logged and daily reports are published

Implementation of new client connections
·         Provide clear definition of requirements for new Client Connections.  May involve discussions with the client (usually their IT department) and the Client Connectivity Business within MS
·         Implement, support, document and maintain DMA, Algo, Drop-copy, FIX Allocations and Worked Order flow, from UAT to production
·         Reconcile above electronic flows across all available derivatives exchanges post outages and/or issues Exchange GUI’s or by direct contact with exchanges and/or external brokers
·         Experience to work with clients on many levels, from advising and helping client traders with specific techniques or questions they may have with regard to Futures and Options
·         For more complex implementations, a proposal will need to be produced on how the connections should be implemented.  This will involve discussion with the Client Connectivity Development teams and other IT groups to ascertain the options
·         Hands-on experience of using and training clients on Fidessa FTW and FDA
·         Maintaining all the risk limits for all clients across our Trading platforms and exchange GUI’s
·         Proactively monitor client trading flow to proactively identify and fix issues
·         Support and assist in post-change testing over weekends and evenings, where appropriate
·         Prioritizing changes that are required from a business perspective, and driving these changes through to successful completion
·         Facilitation of Compliance, Internal Audit and/or Operational Risk investigations and requests
·         Configuration of the FIX infrastructure to enable the Client connection.  Liaison with other IT groups may be required to configure other systems
·         Complete any internal testing where new configurations are required
·         Support the Client during UAT testing where appropriate.  This usually involves dealing with their IT departments
·         Manage a rolling program of new Clients connections.  This will involve close liaison with the Business to ensure priorities are defined and issues raised.  Progress on all new Client connections should be documented and reported regularly

Implementation of new Vendor Systems
·         Liaise with the Vendor with regard to the FIX specifications/configurations supported
·         Configure the UAT FIX systems and complete conformance tests
·         Raise issues with Development and/or the Vendor if additional functionality is required
·         Manage the migration into production
·         Manage the ongoing relationship with the Vendors

Day to Day System Management
·         Be aware of all changes being made on both the systems directly supported and on key systems that the Client Connectivity Business relies on
·         Amend existing configurations on the FIX systems to meet Client requirements
·         Ensure all change procedures are adhered to
·         Capacity management on the systems to ensure that adequate headroom is available

·         Input into regular service metrics produced for the systems supported

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