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Senior Payroll Consultant (Functional and Implementation), Toronto

Senior Payroll Consultant (Functional and Implementation)

Purpose of Position

The Payroll Consultant will be responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of various Payroll modules. The Payroll Consultant will provide product and implementation expertise to their engagements. The Payroll Consultant will work with their clients to understand their business requirements and help configure and test their solution. Responsible for supporting clients regarding specific payroll requirements such as payroll taxes, garnishments, and benefits inquires etc.

Principal Responsibilities

Work as Payroll domain specialist (Functional and implementation)
  • End to end knowledge of US payroll domain with regular updates.
  • Responsible for supporting clients regarding specific payroll requirements such as payroll taxes, garnishments, and benefits inquires etc.
  • Work with clients for the implementation of various Payroll products.
  • Responsible for preparing implementation and data mapping plan for clients and leading the effort.
  • Responsible for informing clients about product specific information.
  • Responsible for data and system validation post implementation.
  • Responsible for coordinating with US payroll domain compliance agencies and be aware of the updates with Federal and state agencies and propagate the same information to development teams.
  •  Assist clients to come up with implementation rollout plan.
           ·           Calculate payroll, transmit data, and review payroll reports for various products.
           ·           Setup test and validation data for various products.

  • Communicate project/task status to Project Manager or designate

Occupational and Effectiveness Knowledge and Skills

Payroll domain Knowledge

  • Federal and State Wage Hours Laws
  • Taxable and Non-Taxable Compensation
  • Garnishments and voluntary deductions.
  • Tax calculation on Payroll Checks
  • Payroll taxes - Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and filing local, state, and federal payroll tax returns.
  • Year End processing – Depositing and reporting withheld taxes (W2, W2-C etc).
  • Different Payroll Reports & Forms (Accrual Tracking Report , Standard 401 Report ,Workers Compensation Report, W4,W2 etc)

Business Knowledge and Experience
  • Conceptual understanding and experience with general business environments.

Methods, Process, Practices and Tools
  • Understanding of Software Development Lifecycle methods and tools.
  • Adheres and promotes prescribed methodologies, processes, and best practices.

Information Technology and Systems Knowledge
  • Understanding and experience with Information Technology and Systems environments, operations, processes, practices and trends.
  • Understanding of hardware and software components and characteristics.

  • Must know who to communicate with, when, and what media to use.
  • Demonstrates effective listening skills and what to do to ensure understanding.

Adapting to Change and Stress
  • Demonstrates stability of performance under pressure and or challenge.
  • Makes behavioral changes to meet the demands of changing environments.

Continuous Learning and Initiative
  • Maximizes on opportunities to learn and improve.
  • Applies new knowledge to job related activities.
  • Must be willing to share knowledge.
  • Takes action to achieve goals
  • Proactive at initiating events to achieve goals.

  • Works with all team members in a way that contributes to high moral, team commitments, goals, and objectives.
  • Appreciates all roles and helps to integrate them in delivering and maintaining products.
  • Demonstrates motivation and enthusiasm.

Planning and Organization
  • Builds a course of action by creating plans and tasks.
  • Monitors results to ensure adherence to plan.
  • Takes corrective actions to remain on target.
  • Demonstrates appropriate discipline.
  • Ability to estimate and determine risks or task challenges.

Education and Experience

  • Minimum of 8 years’ experience in US Payroll domain systems.
  • Certified in US Payroll domain systems.
  • Experience in implementation of various Payroll & time keeping products available in US market (like ADP, Intuit, Day Force etc.)

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