Thursday, 16 October 2014

Opening for Kofax Service Resource, BC

Part A – Kofax Service Resources
1)    Provide information outlining your experience with implementing document capture solutions with Kofax technologies, which comprises the following points:
·         Details on projects and customers for whom you have implemented Kofax document capture solutions; within your response include:
˗   number of projects;
˗   volumes of the projects;
˗   solutions and Kofax products used;
˗   types of integrations (email, fax, ERP, ECM, etc.);
·         Of the projects and customers for whom you have implemented a Kofax document capture solution, list all the insurance companies separately and include number of projects, volumes, solutions and Kofax products used and, types of integrations 
2)    Explain your ability to provide Kofax certified resources on an as needed basis.  Include:
·         Names/roles/levels/experience of the Kofax certified resources and list the different certifications held (e.g. Capture, KTM, etc.) together with supporting documentation;
·         Specify the number of Kofax certified resources available to you in the greater Vancouver (BC) area;
·         Your security verification process of resources;
Outline your current Kofax partnership level (i.e. Diamond, Platinum,  etc.) together with supporting documentation

Part B – Kofax Support & Maintenance
1)    Confirm that you are a Kofax qualified Support & Maintenance Provider and include:
·         Details on the number of customers and volumes you are currently supporting; of the customers listed, highlight all the insurance companies which you support
·         A description of your organization’s current maintenance and support structure for Kofax products and services and how you will support.  Within your response, specify:
˗   Information on the volume of incidents handled each year
˗   hours of support and availability to support hours of work  in the pacific time zone
˗   troubleshooting and issue resolution

Outline your current Kofax partnership level (i.e. Diamond, Platinum, etc.) together with supporting documentation.

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