Monday, 22 December 2014

Protection & Control Engineer, US

Job Title
Protection & Control Engineer
Relevant Experience  (in Yrs)
4 ~ 6 Yrs
Technical/Functional Skills
·         Substation Design & Detail Engineering for Outdoor Switchyards (AIS).
Roles & Responsibilities
·         Essential Functions
·         Experience in Utility Substation Engineering is a must
·         Hands on experience using IED devices, SCADA, DNP Protol.
·         Responsible for leading & coordinating all technical aspects of HV/EHV substation protection & control projects.
·         Design of protection schemes for utility substation  applications including one-lines, three-lines, AC/DC schematics
·         Lead a design team to develop panel and interconnect wiring as well as panel layouts and elevations
·         Provide performance based and economic evaluations, selection, application, settings, operational analysis, and maintenance practices of protection schemes and devices.  Evaluate the interoperability, control features, and communication/protocol aspects of protective relays.
·         Coordinate with and provide technical assistance to SCADA engineers, substation physical engineers, and control design staff in order to fully develop system integration of protection, control, and monitoring systems.   Work with team to meet project specifications, cost control, and schedule objectives
·         Develop Sizing Calculations: Battery Sizing, Cable Sizing, Voltage Drop Calculations
·         Qualification
·         Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
·         Four (4) years minimum experience in system protection schemes, relay selection, settings development, operational analysis, communication systems and maintenance practices for transmission, distribution, and generation protection applications.
·         Extensive experience in protective relaying coordination and practices. Good understanding of circuit breakers, fuses, circuit switchers, transformers, shunt devices, and other methods/devices used in the control of power flow, detection and isolation of power system faults.
·         Knowledgeable in the latest technology, communications/protocol, and techniques used in the system integration of protection, control, and monitoring systems.
·         Effective communication and interpersonal skills.  Ability to work in a team environment
Generic Managerial Skills
·         MS-Office, AutoCAD, Micro Station
BE / BS in Electrical or Equivalent
Duration of assignment
(in Months)
18 months +
Work Location (State, City and Zip)
St Louis, MO / Chicago, IL
Prescreening Questionnaire
Experience in utility Substation Engineering is a must.