Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Siebel Administrator, Solution Architect, Project Manager

Job Title
Siebel Administrator
Relevant Experience
10 +  years
Technical/Functional Skills
1.    SIEBEL server installation & configuration, Patch management, Server Management Activities (like Set up email profiles. Configuring and managing communication management component group etc)
2.    Siebel version upgrade
3.    Setting up Siebel tools , Mobile/dedicated client
4.    SRF, Repository migration. DDL synch.
5.    Performance tuning
6.    Supporting Production environment which includes
  • Maintaining high application availability
  • Planning and co-coordination of production release.
  • Daily health checks which includes regularly checking status of servers & components. Checking status of JOBs/RCRs/ Tasks. Server resource monitoring(CPU/Memory/Disk space)
  • Performance tuning
  • supporting all planned & unplanned outages
7.    Implemented and worked on Multi Lingual application
8.    Integrating other applications with Siebel. Mainly OBIEE/BIP/AIA. This includes configuring symbolic urls, WSDL imports/exports etc
9.    Installing and configuring OBIEE server
10.  Installing and configuring EDQ & UCM(Data Hub)
11.  Setting up SSO/LDAP(Site Minder/ADSI) Integration
12.  Good experience  on Unix & Solaris platforms
13.  Co-coordinating with different teams
14.  Install and configure Informatica and DAC
Experience Required
10+ years
Roles & Responsibilities
Responsible for
  1. Client/Team Management
  2. Carrying out the above mentioned Siebel Administrator technical skills.
  3. Send Daily/Weekly/Monthly Status reports to Siebel Platform Team.
  4. Co-ordination with external 3rd party teams
Generic Managerial Skills
Project Management
Duration of assignment (in Months)
12 months
Work Location
Webster, NY