Thursday, 26 February 2015

WSO2-ESB Consultants

Location- Chicago

Open Positions-

1.    WSO2-ESB Architect
  • Should have worked  as WSO2 architect in 2 to 3 Projects(Real project experience using WSO2 )
  • Expert knowledge on Web services, Java, XML, XSLT
  • Proficient in ESB,SOA Concepts, Messagins Systems, Mediating Applications and Messages, Connectors, Security, Working with Endpoints and integrating WSO2 with other technologies
  • Experience with cloud enablement  and Cloud Computing
  • Should be able to understand business processes fairly quickly
  • Should know all major components of WSO2, mainly service container and broker
  • Ability to present the Design with Stakeholders for the sign off

2.    WSO2 ESB- BSA
  • Should have worked as WSO2 Senior Developer in 2 to 3 Projects (Real project experience using WSO2 )
  • Must be proficient in high-performance in WSO2 ESB SOA System and cloud knowledge
  • Implement and review WSO2 ESB architecture design. Should be experienced in SOA development and implementing end-to-end solutions.
  • Experience in WSO2 ESB, WSO2 DSS, JMS, XSLT, XML, WSDL, XMLUnit
  • Proficient in SOA, ESB, Messagins Systems, WebServices (SOAP and REST), Connectors, Enterprise Application Integration technologies
  • WebServices, OAGIS, Oracle PL/SQL, Java development, Eclipse and Perform design and build activities for WSO2 ESB Middleware integration.
  • Experience WSO2 ESB, WSO2 DSS, JMS, XSLT, XML, WSDL, XMLUnit

3.    WSO2 ESB –Developer
  • Proficient in WSO2 ESB SOA System.
  • Should be experienced in WSO2 ESB and SOA development.
  • Should be strong in Java, XML, XSLTi
  • Working experience in in SOA, ESB, Messagins Systems, Web Services( SOAP and REST), Connectors and Security
  • Work closely with operations on Monitoring, analyzing and tuning the applications for optimal performance and scalability
  • Implementing the solutions