Thursday, 19 May 2016

Open Positions in Montreal, QC, Canada

Open Positions in Montreal, QC, Canada


1. GIS SME (Interface Development)


1.    Physical design of the spatial database repositories

2.    Design database access protocols

3.    Detailed knowledge of both spatial and non-spatial CN database environments


Tools & Technology:

1.    GIS to Source System’s Interface (Bi-Directional):

2.    Oracle Spatial to SAP (EPI) Interface

3.    Interaction with FRA road crossing website


2. GIS SME (Integration Solution)


1.    This role is responsible to develop the end-to-end solution from a business perspective

2.    Validate that it meets all defined requirements.

3.    The GIS SME is responsible to analyze solution requirements, to produce required GIS components.

4.    Evaluate and Recommend GIS Technical Architecture

5.    Draft technical Instructions and Specs

6.    Test planning and procedures


Tools & Technology:

1.    Field Maintenance Integration:

2.    Hi-Rail Integration Solution

3.    GPS Appliance Integration

4.    Lidar Integration

5.    Imagery, Oblique Integration

6.    Integration between Field Operators and GIS Enterprise System

7.    Transactional online/offline

8.    Mobile Mapping technologies


3. GIS Spatial Services Engineer


1.    Ensure compatibility and integration of spatial data records with related spatial entities within the Enterprise GIS.

2.    Leads with physical design of the spatial database repositories

3.    Design database and implements data integration strategies


Tools &Technology:

1.    Oracle Spatial

2.    (PL SQL)

3.    Linear Referencing System (LRS)

4.    Telemetry GIS Integration

5.    Elevation & Slope Services

6.    Routing Services, Etc.


4. GIS Technology & Spatial Services Architecture

Skills: Architecture Road Map Definition & Documentation

Tools & Technology:

GIS, Oracle Spatial


5. GIS Spatial ETL Developer

Skill Set - GIS Spatial ETL Developer


1.    Spatial ETL with Oracle Spatial Back-End

2.    Topological Network

3.    Process Integration with UI Front-End


Tools &Technology: FME (Spatial ETL), Oracle Spatial (SQL)


Adarsh Srivastava

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