Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Sr. Network Engineer/Architect, Pleasanton, California

Network Engineer, Pleasanton, California

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Works directly with customers, vendors,and Strategic Partners to identify, troubleshoot, resolve data networking related issues and/or design network solutions.
  • Monitor LAN/WAN connectivity to ensure that all users have the required LAN/WAN connections.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve LAN/WAN connectivity issues as they arise in an Ethernet and Token Ring environment.Maintain data integrity through daily backup of all file server information.
  • Ensure that an effective tape rotation is maintained.
  • Troubleshoot hardware problems.
  • Provide timely and accurate progress status on all ongoing support issues, with an emphasis on problems, issues, and concerns. Monitor telecommunications performance and make configuration changes to hubs, routers, switches, etc., as necessary to ensure that maximum network performance is maintained. Manage server disk space, memory, caching, and other performance metrics to ensure that all servers are operating at peak efficiency.
  • Work with client groups to ensure that end users have all required equipment properly installed and configured based on specific project requirements.
  • Monitor print servers and troubleshoot and resolve all network printing issues.
  • Evaluate and recommend new or upgraded products to enhance the performance of the LAN/ WAN.

Minimum Qualifications

Demonstrated advanced/expert level of experience in the following areas:
  • Designing, implementing and operating of large enterprise internal and external data communication systems, including LANs and WANs. Significant experience in all IT fields.
  • System integrations experience is a must. Ability to quickly learn / interpret / evaluate potential benefits of emerging technologies.
  • Must have demonstrated experience and detailed understanding of Routing Protocols.
  • Expert knowledge of switched Ethernet and VLAN technologies.Policy based routing, traffic classification / segregation is a must. All candidates must have experience –configuration and troubleshooting- with Cisco families of products.
  • Must have demonstrated experience with very complex networktopologies.
  • Capacity planning / dimensioning, appropriate technology selection / provisioning. Must have experience with at least Frame Relay, ATM,SONET, MPLS, private IP, and VPN networks.
  • Knowledge and hands on experience with most common layer 1 technologies.
  • knowledge and hands-on experience with Network Analyzers.
  • Tools required are Network General Sniffers, CiscoWorks2000,Sniffer Pro, ProactiveNet, etc.
  • Very detailed knowledge of network management components and applications.

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